Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Betty Grable!

Betty Grable

In honor of Betty's birthday me and Dawn decided to do posts on the first Betty movie we ever saw. I'm not 100% sure but I believe it was Springtime in the Rockies (1942) for me. It was one of those bright and colorful musicals that the studios were putting out on a regular basis during this time period. Co-starring John Payne, Carmen Miranda, Cesar Romero, Edward Everett Horton and Charlotte Greenwood. I haven't seen Springtime in a while but I do remember it being very good. Of course Betty was drop dead gorgeous and sung and dance with the best of them. This had to be during the mid 80's when I first saw it. This was before TCM was around, so the only place to watch classic movies was AMC. And AMC showed a bunch of Betty Grable movies such as How To Marry A Millionaire, Coney Island, Moon Over Miami, The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, Down Argentine Way, Pin-Up Girl and lots more. But Springtime was the first that I can recall seeing Miss Grable in and it pretty much made me a fan of hers. I really do need to add more Betty movies to my collection and I think I will start ASAP. Thanks to Dawn and this wonderful blog for renewing my interest in the woman with the million dollar legs. Happy Birthday Betty!


Dawn said...

I really enjoyed reading your post, Monty!!

Aidil.J said...

I may be a little too late, but Happy Birthday Betty Grable!