Monday, May 3, 2010

Betty Grables first husband- John Leslie "Jackie" Coogan.

John Leslie "Jackie" Coogan,Jr., was an American actor who began his movie career as a child actor in silent films. Many years later, he became known as Uncle Fester on 1960s sitcom The Addams Family. He was married to Betty Grable, on November 20, 1937- divorced on October 11, 1939.


BG43214 said...

I was lucky enough to meet Grable in the late 1960's when she was touring with "Hello Dolly" a small summer/dinner theater in Canal Fulton, friend was the stage manager there & in the past, always got me back to the dressing rooms right away for autographs; with Betty, though, it was different!! He told me that she was resting & would be out shortly...when she did come out, a group of excited fans, me among them! gathered around her...the airport limo waited patiently..It was obvious she was wearing a wig...I wanted to ask her about the famous comment she made to Marilyn Monroe during filming of How to Marry a Millionaire: "I've had mine, honey, you go get yours"...well, that question went right out my head, in all the excitement!!! ...Three months later, she had passaed away, from was kept pretty hugh-hush at the time, and that's why my friend told me she 'had to rest'....but what a wonderful memory to be able to meet and chat with her.....Years later I met Jackie Coogan & had a chance to chat with him...Sadly, I did not know he'd been married to Grable!! I would have told him about being able to meet her....but that's life!!!

Dawn said...

BG43214, WOW!! thank you for sharing your wonderful Betty Grable memory with us. I would have been thrilled to have meet her in person.

Liberty Tattoo Co. said...

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