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I wake Up Screaming (1941). Suspense film.

I Wake Up Screaming (1941). Suspense film. Cast: Betty Grable, Victor Mature, and Carole Landis. It is based on the novel with the same title by Steve Fisher, with a screenplay by Fisher and Dwight Taylor. It was one of the few times Betty Grable had a straight dramatic role in a picture.

Soon after Vicky Lynn is killed, New York City police question Frankie Christopher, a promoter who sponsored Vicky. Policeman Jerry MacDonald, asks Frankie to tell them how he met Vicky, and Frankie begins his story: One evening, Frankie goes with his friends to a lunchroom where Vicky works as a waitress. Impressed with her beauty Frankie takes her to the El Chico Club and helps her get invited to the table of influential Mrs. Handel. By the end of the evening Vicky is offered two modeling jobs. After her screen test Vicky tells Frankie that she is going to Hollywood without him. Feeling betrayed, Frankie storms out of her apartment and talks with Robin and Larry, both of whom have fallen in love with Vicky. As Jill begins sharing her side of the story: she tells the police that she does not believe that Frankie is guilty of killing her sister. She informs them that before Vicky met Frankie, a strange man had been following her, and when detective Cornell enters the interrogation room, Jill realizes that he was the man who was following Vicky. Frankie believes that detective Cornell is determined to pin the killing on him. Will Jill, the victim's sister help him prove his innocence?
I Wake Up Screaming deleted scene.
I Wake Up Screaming Movie Clip #2.
Dramatic, low-key lighting is what I remember most about this film. This was Betty Grable's first non-musical role. She's sweet, practical, and a brave film noir heroine. Victor Mature is a strong and appealing protagonist. The stand-out performance is Laird Cregar as the creepy, police detective Cornell. He's truly one of the most memorable noir villains. "I Wake Up Screaming" is a wonderful film noir.
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